Support victims of domestic violence who cannot access state support

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SAFE Ireland calls for intervention to support victims of domestic violence who cannot access state support because they don’t satisfy the Habitual Residency Condition
Sep 25, 2010Comments Offby safeireland
My husband broke my cheekbone once. Another time he tried to strangle me
Domestic violence against women and children in immigrant communities is a growing problem. Now there are calls for a change in Government policy to give victims of violence more rights and better access to the emergency facilities they need, writes JAMIE SMYTH, Social Affairs Correspondent.



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A woman’s story of her experience of living with domestic violence. Listen, while her story is told.

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Most men celebrate and respect women – they don’t control them. Good men protect and care for children.

Today men are proudly standing up and declaring zero tolerance on domestic violence of any kind. It’s time to help make Ireland the safest place for women and children.

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